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ICO dates Dec 11 - Jan 8

ICO ends in

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ICO Bonus 25%

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The ICO will run for a total of 28 days starting 11th December and closes on 8th January.

All the unsold tokens from the Pre-ICO phase will be sold during the ICO period.

At the end of the ICO period all the unsold NEWS tokens will be burned.

The percentage of the tokens burned will also be matched across other allocations.

Unique Asset-Backed Tokens!

We are issuing a total of 100 million NEWS tokens. Each token is worth 1 USD at launch.


Unique new contract design for its tokens combining the best of utility tokens with the best of equity shares


Token-holders will be privy to annual reports, financials, etc, and will be able to interact with PressCoin Investor Relations on the basis of these shareholder rights.

100 million NEWS
tokens offered

Structured as follows:

  • 90% of NEWS tokens are made available to anyone wishing to be a part of this historic endeavour to create a truly decentralized press.
  • 7% of the tokens are made available to the founders to sell via offline channels.
  • 3% of the tokens will be paid out towards costs of sales, advertising and promotion of the ICO.

Use of capital raised