PressCoin Economy

PressCoin Growth Projections
PressCoin Growth Projections

NEWS Token Utility

Actor Actions
Investors Trade PressCoin , Revenue sharing.
Entrepreneurs Funding for projects
Editors Approve / Reject stories
Writers Create / Submit stories
Curators Curate stories, comments, UGC
Commenters Comment, take polls, etc
Readers Consume content, polls, etc
Developers Extend system with functionality
Subscribers Pay for recurring content
News Organizations Content Syndication, SaaS services, Revenue Share
E-commerce Buyers Pay for merchandise
Politicians Verified pages, sponsored posts, boosting content
Moderators Approve / Reject comments, classifications, tags etc
Citizen journalists Citizen journalists Upload UGC - videos, articles, audio, etc
Pollsters Starting and running focus groups, exit polls, surveys
Advertisers Buy various ad-units
NGOs Verified pages, sponsored posts, boosting content
Neighborhood Societies Verified pages, sponsored posts, boosting content
Activists Create action-networks, schedule/manage actions
Actor Actions
Crowdfunders Donate to journalist / politician / action-network
Event Managers Manage off-line events
Cable TV Syndicate video content
Developers API access for developing apps, websites etc
Publications Real time, automated, smart contract based content bidding (like ads)
Consumer Network bundled subscriptions
Publications Purchasing syndicated content
Selling syndicated content
Buying traffic from traffic exchanges
Selling traffic to traffic exchanges
Selling Advertising
Micropayments for content
Selling content to aggregators
Selling licenses to media monitoring firms - and payments per article delivered
Selling Sponsored Content spots - native advertising
Any other publisher revenue model
Paying sales commissions

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